29th Annual Conference of the IASD - Sailing on the Sea of Dreams

The International Association for the Study of Dreams is pleased to announce our 29th Annual International Conference  -  this 4 1/2 day event on the San Francisco Bay, is open to the public and features three world-renowned keynote speakers, over 160 presenters, panelists and workshop leaders from around the globe and offers a chance to network or relax at the many evening receptions and social events including the dream art exhibition, the costume Dream Ball, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, and a sunset sail on the “sea of dreams” - a special dessert cruise of the San Francisco Bay.  Go to www.asdreams.org/2012 and click on the Program menu for more information on the program and presentations, the venue and surrounding area, and to register. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL APRIL 1, 2012
The Venue
The Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center at the Berkeley Marina is located on San Francisco Bay with sweeping views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The hotel offers a pool, sauna, fitness center and waterfront restaurant offering fine dining cuisine. It is surrounded by a marina area with three waterfront restaurants, a fishing pier, and two waterfront wildlife sanctuaries that offer nature trails, hiking, bird-watching, kite flying and spectacular views of the Bay and Berkeley Hills.
The Program
The conference offers something for everyone with Morning Dream Groups and sessions organized in tracks around the following disciplines and themes:  Dream Research and Theory; Clinical Practices; Dreamworking Practices; Spiritual and Religious; Arts and Humanities; Cultural and Anthropological; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucidity; and Education.  Meet and network with world-famous authors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, artists, educators, parapsychologists, and researchers and make personal and professional connections.  Up to 25 CE credits will be offered for selected conference events. IASD is approved by the APA to sponsor continuing education (CE) for psychologists. IASD maintains responsibility for the program and its contents.
Our keynotes include:  Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum™, “The Dreaming ‘I’ in Universe.” Fred is a world-renowned physicist, writer and lecturer who also conducts research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 13 books and 3 CD courses.   Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., “Dream Amulets Around the World: Ancient and Modern.” Patricia is a pioneer and renowned expert in the study of dreams and is a prize-winning author of eleven books on dreams. Her first bestseller, Creative Dreaming (1974) is considered a classic.  Tracey Kahan, Ph.D.,, “Self-reflective Consciousness in Dreaming: An Adaptive Edge?” Research conducted by Dr. Kahan and her colleagues has shown that waking and dreaming, especially REM dreaming, are more similar than different.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum™

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

Tracey Kahan, Ph.D.


In addition, we are showcasing three feature presentations:  John Beebe, M.D. “A Typology of the Shadow in Dreams.” John is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst in private practice in San Francisco, past President of the Jung Institute of San Francisco, and author of Integrity in Depth.  Dawson Church, Ph.D./CEHP, “Processing Fear in Repetitive Dreams with the Dream to Freedom Technique.” Dawson is executive director of the Soul Medicine Institute, president of the Energy Psychology Press and editor of the Energy Psychology journal. He founded the Iraq Vets Stress Project and has authored nine books, including The Genie in Your Genes. Meredith Sabini, M.S., Ph.D., “The Objective Dimension in Dreams and Dreaming,” a joint event with John Beebe.  Meredith has been a licensed psychologist since 1972, and is a dream specialist and the founder/director of The Dream Institute of Northern California. She is a widely published author and writes a column for DreamTime magazine.

John Beebe, M.D

Dawson Church, Ph.D./CEHP

Meredith Sabini, M.S., Ph.D

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Awards art exhibition at ROC

Dear Ms. Mensink,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me attend your wonderful ID Conference held in Amsterdam.

I enjoyed its profound spiritual atmosphere which was created by you together with many fantastic people coming from all over the world. You organized an incredible conference in order for us to have an unforgettable memory which was built by a concert, lectures, exhibition, parties and so on.

Especially, I am grateful to you that you made my dream come true. When I saw you on Friday at ROC, you kindly informed me with a full of smile on your face that I won the prize. You made my day, month, year and life.

I gained the 3rd prize from the public jury at the art exhibition. This was truly a dream to me. I have been crying for happiness in my mind ever since that amazing moment on.

Moreover I would like to thank you for giving me such an exclusive present "The resurrection" of Kees Verkade. I hang it in my living room next to my Baroque instrument (small harpsichord--> Spinet of 18century Russell collection's copy).

I hope there will ever be some chance to meet you again, 

Thank you.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

First prize art exhibition "Union Total" of Kees Verkade , won by Lina Fregeres with media installation title: "IRTI ARJESTA" (getting loose in daily life)

Second prize art exhibition "The dancer" of Anton Heyboer, won by Lynette ten Krooden with her painting "Moon"

Just to say thank you for the wonderful experience of the Intl.Dream Conference 2011 and soo many people I still didn't email or haven't found yet..,Everyone has been such a pleasure to meet and share knowledge with as well as excitement, joy, and fun during this great week with. I hope we all meet again at the next one which I shall set my sights on! Much love and blessings!

Mary Louise Moher-McIver

International Dream Conference 2011 in Amsterdam

After several years of preparation, we are excited to announce the International Dream Conference in Amsterdam, which will be held on July 25-29, 2011. 
The theme will be:
Unity and Honouring Diversity.

We have already spoken with several internationally renowned speakers and authors , as well as our Dutch dreamworkers, who will be lecturing and doing workshops on a wide variety of subjects:

  • Fields of anthropology, sociology, parapsychology, philosophy, theosophy, psychology, theology and (comparative) religious studies (including Islam and Native American shamanism) as well as others
  • Cultural patterns, differences and similarities in dream interpretation and cultural rituals
  • Gender aspects in dreamwork
  • Spirituality, mindfulness and peace
  • Theatre, dance, art and film

We expect to have participants from many different parts of the world: South Africa, South America, Japan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Canada, the USA and Europe.

The main language at this conference will be English, but we would also like to invite speakers of Dutch, French or Spanish to attend and participate in these languages.

This conference will be interesting for academics and people who are interested in the study of dreams in conjunction with university studies, for dreamworkers and for laypeople who are interested in the study of dreams and their meaning.

Please take a moment to register on the website www.dreamconference2011.nl and for more information you can click through to our new website www.dreamconference2011.com

We are looking forward to making this conference an unforgettable experience.

We will have more information in the near future with the details about the conference program as well as information about sightseeing in our beautiful city.

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