Conference locations

As all of the following two locations are within a very nice 5-10 minute walk. It is likely that we would use rooms in each venue depending on the number of participants.

We will certainly use the ROC each day, and the Concertgebouw will be used each evening. The College Hotel will be used for the Dream Ball.

Jan des Bouvrie college (ROC)

In Dutch the abbreviation ROC stands for 'Regional Community College of Amsterdam'. It is a foundation under Dutch law, initiated by the local and national government in 1997. It services Amsterdam and the nearby towns of Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Hilversum. (Lunch is 5 Euro, Dinner is 10 Euro at the ROC)


The College Hotel is an intimate, warm and luxurious boutique hotel in Amsterdam's fashionable Zuid (South) area, right in the centre of the city's Fashion & Museum District. The Dreamball will be in The College Hotel on Friday evening! (29 July 2011)



The Concertgebouw is a concert hall in Amsterdam. The Dutch term "concertgebouw" literally translates into English as "Concert Building". Because of its highly regarded acoustics, the Concertgebouw is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world, along with places such as Boston's Symphony Hall and the Musikverein in Vienna.