Keynote speakers
Sven Doehner from Mexico City, Mexico.


Sven Doehner is a Junguian psychotherapist trained in Archetypal Psychology with James Hillman.  Also trained in somatic consciousness (the School of BodyMindMovement), he blends native Mexican healing traditions with contemporary therapeutic work in his practice.  Since 1981, he has guided workshops in Europe, North and South America.  His sensitivity to sound and vocal aspects of working with dream images is innovative, fun, experiential, and deeply moving.


Rosa Anwandter from Santiago, Chile

Rosa Anwandter is a Jungian analyst, author and dream researcher. She is the founder and director of Centro de Estudios Oníricos de Chile, an organization devoted to teaching and promoting dream theories and findings in Spanish speaking countries. She has helped establish a dreamers’ community in Chile. She is on the Global Advisory Committee for Latin America.

Lee Irwin from Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Dr. Lee Irwin is a Professor in the Religious Studies Department at the College of Charleston in Charleston South Carolina, USA. He is a scholar of world religions with an emphasis on Native American traditions, western esotericism, Hermeticism, contemporary spirituality, mystical cosmology, American Sufism, and transpersonal religious experience as related to dreams and visions. He is the Vice President of the Association for the Study of Esotericism (ASE) and a board member of the Sophia Institute, the Institute for the Study of Dreams, and the Seven Pillars, House of Wisdom Program. He has been a workshop leader and group facilitator for over twenty years, particularly in the areas of visionary cosmology and the development of the sacred human. He is the author of over 40 articles and many books, including: The Dream Seekers; Visionary Worlds; Awakening to Spirit; The Alchemy of Soul; and, Coming Down From Above: Prophecy, Resistance, and Renewal in Native American Religions. Click for Website

Deogratius Nsanzugwanko, Tanzania, Afrika

Deogratius Nsanzugwanko was born in Tanzania in 1975, and participated in volunteer organizations such as Roots and Shoots, a Jane Goodall initiative about making positive change for the environment and in children’s lives, and TACARE (Lake Tanganyika Catchment Reforestation and Education).

While his formal education is in Information Technology and Business Administration, Deogratius has continued giving back throughout his life, working with, among others, refugee organizations and the National Electoral Commission, where he is currently employed.

His latest work is entitled Cultural Patterns, Similarities and Differences in Dream Interpretation and Cultural Rituals, which is about the Ha and Nyamwezi tribes of Western Tanzania.

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